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Close Enough to Touch (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl Victoria Dahl has been on my auto-buy list for quite some time now as I rarely get disappointed by her work, but this book turned out to be a complete disaster for me. To be fair, it has to be mentioned that it was probably more a case of "it's not you, it's me", but around the middle I started skipping pages as I was totally annoyed with the heroine and the hero. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for a prickly heroine with the attitude of a cactus and a wounded hero who tries to atone for his past (which wasn't all that dramatic) by following his father's dreams. Additionally, I don't like reading about Hollywood, and while this story was set in Wyoming, Hollywood was still an integral part to the plot. D, because there was zero enjoyment factor in it for me. Sorry.