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The Shop of Shades and Secrets - Colleen Gleason My first Colleen Gleason started out great but, unfortunately, the story lost some of its smoothness towards the ending. I initially bought the book because DA featured a very recommendable review, and I am always eager to try out new and self-published authors.

The plot itself is quite average but highly entertaining, but what really captured me was the author's writing style and talent to characterise the protagonists. The story reads seamlessly and easy and captivated me right from the start, especially the hero and heroine who come vibrantly alive and are very likable.

It was rather disappointing that in the ending we have a typical pregnancy conflict which turned, admittedly, out better than average thanks to the absence of a typical female antagonist, but I would have preferred a different kind of challenge for the protagonists.

All in all I go with a B-.