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The Hot Floor - Josephine Myles I think I will go with a B- for this book. I loved the writing, Myles's British voice, but during the middle of the story my mind started wandering. Usually, I like fleshy novels, heck, I have a ton of meaty eighties novels on my bookshelf, but in this particular case I must confess, I got a little sidetracked (and the book is only novel size). I tend to avoid menage stories, as I rarely can believe in their success, with a few exceptions, of course, such as Emma Holly's Menage or Saskia Walker's Along For The Ride. The Hot Floor, though, deals very realistically with this subject, showing the ups and downs when suddenly a third party joins a happy couple and features some very hot sex scenes and cute and likable characters. It's such a pleasure reading about normal people (like a plumber, e.g.!) between all those rich and brooding billionaires, though the one or other can be quite tempting *g*.