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The Agreement

The Agreement - S. E. Lund This story started out fantastic with great writing and flawed yet attractive and charismatic characters. Somewhere along the way, however, the talking became too much and the action too little. Katherine is attracted to the BDSM lifestyle but she talks her submission to Drake to death with him and really started getting on my nerves. Drake in turn starts out as a sinfully sexy dom that later on, as their relationship progresses, can't really assert his domination.

I liked the original twist in the story and antagonist who was personified by Katherine's best friend Dawn in the form of an over zealous bigot friend who thinks that doms are closet stalkers and violent abusers. However, I didn't care for the way Katherine dealt with Dawn. She was way too weak and nice with her, because a woman who blackmailed me the way Dawn did in this book would never ever "grace" my doorsteps or telephone again. C-

I am kind of curious about the second instalment, but I think it can wait a little...