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Someone To Keep Me (Collars and Cuffs #3)

Someone To Keep Me (Collars and Cuffs #3) -  Parker Williams , K.C. Wells Oh Lord help my but this book was boring, lacked sexual tension and felt like a bad carbon copy of the first two stories in the series. Each sub hero in this series is young, has been abused in some way, is beyond naive and more than willing to submit not only inside the bedroom but also outside in a close to 24/7 relationship to the dom. And apparently doesn’t desire a life outside of obeying the dom. Which is fine with me once or twice in a series but not everytime, especially not if he just escaped from his dismissive and abusive parents's home.

When Ben and Scott finally decide they want to be together (waaaay into the story) and Scott starts his sub training, there's no hot kissing or groping scene, no, but weeks of position and behavioral training. I never quite grasped why Scott wanted to be Ben’s sub. Sure he likes to take care of Ben and wants to be protected, but first and foremost there needs to be some sexual attraction, no? Some tension and longing, desire and eroticism. Frankly, it would feel more natural and sexy if they at least kissed and fondled each other once in a while and not jump from nothing into dry sub training without any obvious sexual tension between them. The first punishment scene during this training period (Scott is still a virgin and there weren't any fingers or dildos involved prior to this scene) involves an enema and all that it includes in the end in front of the dom. Now, I have read my share of sexy enema stories but puh-lease, this is a virgin, and supposedly such a naive one that he trusts a never seen stranger so much that he accepts his first class ticket and follows him to GB. A stranger by the way who never shows up later on in the story. This enema scene doesn't evoke trust and respect for the dom, but makes me want to roll my eyes and skip some pages.

I discontinued at 80% as I just didn't care for the sex scenes anymore because this couple doesn't ring true for me at all. I definitely won’t continue reading the series after this novel. DNF.