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The Bride - Abigail Barnette I have a weak spot for meaty romance novels, so every once in a while I will grab a fleshy bodice ripper romance from the past to try my luck at it. With very mixed results. But you know what I love about this author? That she makes me read a 140 000 words novel without getting bored but has me laughing the first few pages into the story. Yehaaa.

The Bride is a great continuation of The Boss series and I can still say that Neil is my number one favourite dominant out there and definitely makes the top five of my all time favourite heroes. Sophie and Neil are so much in love that it's tangible and that's why I also adore some of the harder sex scenes (which usually bore me or make me detest either the heroine or hero or both) because they show the deep trust and affection they feel for each other.

The reason why I go with an A- for the book is that besides the edgier sex scenes I really would have wished for a slower moment between Neil and Sophie, a scene where they do not celebrate their kinkier inclinations but "only" make slow vanilla love. A-