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Love, in English - Karina Halle Sometimes I just don't understand self-published authors. I just recently read a long blog post about the importance of a great cover and that said author shelled out tons of money for attractive book covers. And while I am very very susceptible to lovely covers, I also am a fan of well edited and proof-read books. I belong to those kind of readers who probably won't give an author a second chance if the story was only mediocre to my tastes AND badly edited. Talk about long-term investments!
I don't know if every Love, in English copy is concerned but the one I bought from Kobo was full of editing mistakes and rather a lot of words were completely missing which was plain awful to read. The book turned out way better towards the ending, but the beginning was rather bad.

I read this story because it came recommended; otherwise I would not have bought it as there was a child involved in the middle of a divorce war. For some people the cheating aspect would be the worst part, personally it's not a favourite trope of me but it was really well done by the author. What I can't stand neither in reality nor in fiction are women or men who use their children to blackmail the divorcing partner. In this case it’s the hero's future ex-wife who threatens the hero repeatedly with it. I became really anxious there for some time and then, to make it worth, the ending feels quite "deux-ex-machina". Suddenly, everything is fine and money bought the bitchy ex-wife off and they can be together without any problems.

The slowly developing relationship, affection and love between Vera and Mateo takes its sweet time and we really get to know them and can see and feel how they struggle to do the right thing. And then ... from one page to the other, everything is hunky-dory and made me kind of angry because it went so fast and I invested such a huge amount of emotions. C-