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The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen My comments apply to the first two books in The Coincidence series.

I was really curious about Jessica Sorensen due to several recommendations and great reviews and I am glad I gave this author a try. What was splendidly done in my opinion was the way Callie and Kayden, both confronted with a horrible past, approach each other. They get a lot of time to become better acquainted, to develop feelings and to confide in each other.

What I didn’t understand was that Callie's parents weren't more insistent on helping their daughter when she changed at age twelve. (Callie was raped but hid the fact from her environment due to threats by the rapist.) Ok, her mother tried, but she's also a bit of an airhead, practicing more or less a "head-in-the-sand politic" when it comes to tragic events. But her father seemed to be an all right kind of person, a caring parent who loves his daughter dearly. In this day and age when my daughter makes a 180 after her birthday and practically wants to hide herself and be invisible to the environment, doesn't that set off an alarming bell?

It seems The Coincidence is full of young adults with a fucked up past. Luke and Violet who get their story in #3 and #4 of the series have their own baggage which makes me wonder if there's a character in the book with a seemingly "normal" past.

I go with a straight A for the first book and a B+ for the second. The latter actually gives me a happy ending for Callie and Kayden but it didn't flow as nicely as the first one and features a few moments with Kayden where I don't really get him.