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Embattled Minds - J.M. Madden One reason I so rarely read military romance novels is my personal conviction that "fighting for peace" is an oxymoron and doesn't go together. But then, I didn't pick out Embattled Minds to read about war strategies but to get a nice romance story which it turned out to be. I have a soft spot for self-published authors that's why more than half of the books I read come from indie authors. Emblattled Minds was a nice enough read but a bit boring and does not really entice me to read more by this author. I was going with a C+ until the end which was just a bit too sugary for me, especially also the insight I got concerning the couple from the first part of the series. I just prefer there to be no marriage talk after a few weeks or months of relationhip ... that's simply too early IMO. C-