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The Ex

The Ex - Abigail Barnette Hmmm, I am sorry to say that I loved this romance story more in the beginning. Somehow all this swinging and swapping - which might even be hot if it has the right context - has become de trop for yours truly. But Sophie and Neil have only been together for two years, and the last one Neil fought for his life and against leukaemia. Generally, I prefer monogamy in my romance stories, or a less casual approach to the subject at hand at least. The sex scenes are at their best when it's just Sophie and Neil, but also in this case I would wish for no name calling during a BDSM scene. Neil was my number one gentleman BDSM hero when I started reading this series. He still is a great person but even if told in the best way during a truly steaming love scene, I find expletives such as "you filthy dirty whore" rather unsexy and off-turning. C+