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Ivan's Captive Submissive - Ann Mayburn When I bought this book at ARe I was expecting a novel full of clichés, such as a rich, overbearing and cuddle-worthy alpha hero, a tough heroine, a lot of money, sexy and kinky love scenes, a nice kidnapping scenario and all together a great reading time. Unfortunately, this story turned out completely different and annoyed me quite a bit.

As already mentioned, I don't expect anything groundbreaking when I buy certain stories, but where BDSM sex scenes are concerned I at least expect them to be used to show me character growth. In this novel there was tons of sex, the hero and his epic erection stood attention morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night. I am sure he could give Viagra lections in standing power. The heroine multi-orgasmed non-stop, but there was no friction in the sex scenes. They were gratuitous with no growth between the characters to speak of. The heroine didn't get her limits pushed, there was no tension building and after a time it just became boring. What annoyed me to no end was the grand finale where after a week of boinking she asks for his hand in marriage. And of course everything works out, half a year they would live in Russia, half a year they would travel. Throw in some kiddy talk and your sappy ending is complete.

I don't mind talking about love after one heated week, but why marriage? Is this the 19th century? What happened to let's test drive this relationship a little before we tie the knot? What happened to a modicum of common sense? D-