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Maiden Lane - Lynne Connolly I really enjoyed most novels in this series so far, but at installment #7 some parts have become repetitive and would need, for my tastes, a different development to be more captivating.

Richard and Rose make a great couple, no question about that, I really like them and follow them faithfully, but I think a big problem with this series is that the stories are told from Rose's point of view. And in order for the reader to get that Richard is a great hero, she goes on and on and on how much Richard adores her, how they love each other, how they are perfect for each other. I love those declarations, but I prefer seeing them in actions more than in words each time. And there are enough actions to demonstrate that Richard is crazy about Rose and cares deeply for her. The continuing repetition in her thoughts of those feeling are just "de trop" for me. Would the series be told from both, Richard's and Rose's view, there would be a nice mix of those inner feelings. As many as there are of them at the moment, it's simply too much for me.

My second problem with this series is that in each and every installment there's always a threat to Rose's and/or Richard's life. The whole mystery part usually is about them being in danger, having one or several nemesis to fight against. That gets old very fast.

I prefer mysteries where the main protagonists have to solve some external murders, crimes, etc... That sometimes there might be a threat to them personally is only logical, but I don't want it to be the main focus all the time. I am in a good mood, so I go with a C- and not a D+.