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Lisbon - Lynne Connolly I initially planned on re-reading the Richard & Rose series, but I could barely bring myself to finish the last instalment, number 7. Had it been one of the first books in the series, I would have enjoyed it very much, but as I already mentioned in my review of the last book, I don't want to read about Richard and Rose being in danger and being threatened for the umpteenth time anymore. I don't care if my wishes are logical or not, or if in the 18th century it was normal for members of the aristocracy to be constantly jeopardised. For this reader this is old news as I read all seven books now and in each and every novel there was a potential threat to either Richard or Rose or both of them, and thanks to some magic wand both always survive. I usually don't wish for my characters to die, but apparently those two have more luck and superpowers together than Superman. D