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Midnight Man  - Lisa Marie Rice This review applies to all three books in the trilogy.

Over a decade ago Lisa Marie Rice's books were my first encounter with erotic romance I actually found sexy. Her heroes are pretty straight forward, matter of fact guys: always protect your woman -> check; never ending erection to show your attraction to her -> check; plain and simple sex (missionary position, little foreplay, less oral sex) -> check

Her romance wouldn't even be labeled erotic anymore nowadays, so much the genre has changed, but in a way her stories are still hot hot hot, and I attribute that to her writing.

I haven't read this trilogy in quite some time, and while I still enjoyed it very much, I didn't love the books the way I did five years ago.
Some parts are simply unbelievable or too Harlequin-esque for my liking, such as falling in love, marrying and impregnating your young wife in less than six weeks or moving in together after two days.

Reading LMR is like reading a sheikh romance (guilty pleasure alarm here). You have to leave your "reality check - radar" put away and need to really be in the mood for uber alpha protective vanilla dominants. B