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Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas Number three in the Travis Family series and my least favourite. The heroine, Ella Varner, is used to being the fixer in her family. Be it to help her capricious mother, or to save the sister from her mother's antics or boyfriends. When her sister leaves her week old baby with their mother, it's Ella who tries to save the day. I usually avoid fixer characters like the plague as I just can't stand them, but funnily, in this case I didn't even mind that Ella took care of the baby and thereby fell in love with it. Luke, the baby, is a great guy and Kleypas did a wonderful job of showing their growing relationship.

What annoyed me more was Ella’s sometimes weak and ambiguous character. She has been in a save, albeit lukewarm relationship with a guy for quite some time. Four years into their relationship Ella hears for the first time that they actually have a sexually open relationship. She reacts rather hurt and disheartened upon those news, but shortly afterwards tells Jake, the hero, with full conviction that she's all in favour of it. She's also a vegan which per se is a great thing to be, but she does it more to please her boyfriend than out of personal beliefs. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her in order to see what other fake parts would fall off, hopefully. Towards the ending there are some redeeming scenes which reminded me why I originally loved this novel so much. B+