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Love's Charade

Love's Charade - Jane Feather This is one of my most cherished and favourite old school romances which I re-read regularly about once every one to two years. The printing is so small I would say one page contains at least one and a half as many words as regular pbbooks do today. With over 450 pages the story would probably be splitted into three parts à la Shades of Gray, whereas during the good old age of bodice rippers, novels were allowed to be meaty, lengthy and fleshed out without the hero and heroine going at each other from the second chapter.

What makes me love this novel so much are several factors. First, I love May December romances and with an age gap of 17 years we certainly do have that constellation in this book. Furthermore, the heroine is a truly well-developed young lady with a believable yet untraditional upbringing which makes her stand out between all those boring school room misses. Third and lastly, there are true conflicts between the hero and heroine, even after their marriage, as the book doesn't end with the wedding night. And it is not always the hero who wins, on the contrary, he has to severely adapt his opinions several times in order win his woman over. A