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One Season of Sunshine - Julia London I have roughly two hundred dead tree books "left" on my TBR pile and it's one of my goals in 2013 to severely reduce that pile.

Julia London has been one of my auto-read authors for a long time now, and as with all writers some books are fabulous while others encourage yawning and skipping pages. One Season of Sunshine, however, was a fabulous read and contained everything I love and adore in a character driven contemporary.

It's been a long time since I have read such a well-developed book that practically solely relies on the strength of its characters. Of course there is a good plot, but this book is a real winner because of its hero and heroine who make one fabulous couple.

Nowadays, I tend to read more erotic romances which OSOS definitely is not. But, oh my, when they finally come together, the PG-13 love scene is full of eroticism and the slow build up until they dare to own up to their mutual desire is very very sexy.

This is a slow paced, small-town romance, with no big booms and crashes and uber alphas, and is recommendable to everyone who is in the mood for a comfort read. A-