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Slightly Foxed - Jane Lovering Slightly Foxed started out great with a healthy dose of British humour I so adore. Unfortunately, I soon realised that while certain passages were incredibly funny, some major parts didn't turn out to my liking at all. First of all, the heroine's daughter is a bitch. I know she's 16, a teenager which excuses a lot of hormone-driven bad behaviour. But through all the 40% of the story I have read, she treated her mother at times abominably which, of course, didn't endear her to me at all.

Secondly, I had some major problems with Alys, the thirty six years old heroine. Alys has some serious insecurities and while I understand (though I don't deem it normal, at least not in real life) that she put her sex life on hold, I really started getting annoyed with her because she constantly belittled herself. Often in a humorous way, but JEZUZ, she's thirty six not fourteen. She has a bad paying job in a book shop and a boss who doesn't appreciate her skills. She's as poor as a church mouse which isn't a shame, but why stay at the same job for ages and not trying to move on if it's so lousy? Her ex-husband is rich and I take it the separation wasn't hunky dory, but talk about false pride and missing self respect. DNF