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Sold to the Sheikh

Sold to the Sheikh - Chloe Cox My second Chloe Cox, Sold To The Sheikh, was much more to my liking as it pushed nearly every guilty pleasure button of yours truly. Imagine Harlequin Presents goes BDSM, a sexy sexy sheikh dom and some very swoon-able (is that even a word?) love scenes featuring some intense albeit harmless exhibition play.

I guess sheikh Bashir is one of the most selfless romance heroes out there because 95% of the book is about Stella Spencer's journey into submission and her ability to orgasm in public. He gets to have exactly one orgasm LOL at the end of the book. I say he has worked very hard for that one.

Bashir is of the typical “dominating, I can read your every thought, larger than life” breed and seriously hot. So if you can ignore the reality factor and are able to accept some nearly superhuman hero, you are in for a highly entertaining read.

Personally, I would have wished for a more extensive ending to really believe in their happily ever after. Also, the whole way how Stella is coaxed and manipulated into accepting Bashir's offer of 50.000 $ for a weekend of submission, could have been dealt with in a more subtle and gentlemanly way. But hey, it's fiction and this one is definitely a great piece to escape reality. A solid B for me!