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Easy - Tammara Webber Oh my, this book is probably one of my favourite reads in 2013. To think I would never have touched it because the main characters are still in college and so terribly young LOL, I would have missed out on a great story indeed.

Easy made me remember why my first love is the romance and not the erotic genre. I love steamy books and even though the love scenes in Easy are rather tame, the sexual tension is incredibly arousing and surpasses in its eroticism many more explicit stories. But what ultimately made those love scenes so unforgettable is this big love between Lucas and Jacqueline which is shown in so many lovely and touching ways.

Now I will have to check out similar books in this "college" genre, because I definitely want to read more books like this one which so "easily" has earned my second A+ this year. Captivating and polished writing, great narrative, formidable character development and all around perfect. A+