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Domination: The Night of the Storm Collection

Domination: The Night of the Storm Collection - Jordan  Bell I really, absolutely, totally love Jordan Bell's erotic romances, but this piece of erotica is so far off my radar that I honestly wonder whether it stems from the same author. It reads like man porn, totally degrading the women in the stories and completely lacking the eroticism I have come to look forward so much in a Jordan Bell book. After the first third I just skimmed through the rest of the stories, basically they all feature the same kind of revolting hero who enjoys abusing, degrading and belitteling the heroine under totally unrealistic premises. I might enjoy a dirty, nasty sex scene where the heroine is called a slut or whore, providing there's a preceding story that makes me believe in the love dynamics between the couple. But just throwing in some dirty words combined with a complete lack of respect for the female protagonist is not something that makes my heart sing.