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More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart What a huge disappointment this book turned out to be. I really wanted to like it as I have a weakness for heroes like James, ever since reading Cherrie Lynn's Leave Me Breathles, which features, by the way, one of my favourite sex scenes and a pierced hero (yes -> there!).

But first, let me mention the parts I truly appreciated in More Than Meets The Ink.

The hero is everything I appreciate in a good male character. A bit of bad boy, sexy language, cool tattoos (which I usually don't like), blond hair (finally not a brooding, tall, dark and dangerous billionaire), a dominant take charge attitude and a very helpful and supporting nature that just has to warm your heart.

The beginning of the story is great and had me laughing out loud. I tend to become very loyal to authors who can make me belly-laugh repetedly while reading a story, I think it's one of the most difficult things in writing. So far only a handful of authors succeeded in doing so.

My biggest and only problem with the story was the heroine who was - for lack of a better word - a true bitch. Influenced by her stupid sister who's a weakness for bad, tattooed men she insults the hero right from the start by practically telling him he's little more than sex on a stick without any sense of responsibility or stamina to hold down a job. And although she changes her opinion of James during the story, she's still one of the most annoying heroines I've come upon in a long time. After reading half of the book I skimmed the other half because she made me want to tell the hero to run and not look back.

I give this story a D and not a F, because the hero was really a treat.

PS: I've seen that some readers tagged this book with BDSM content which simply doesn't apply. The hero is a bit toppy and domineering but there's no D/s subplot in this story at all.