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Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden - Kele Moon I was kind of apprehensive regarding the author’s voice as several lower-graded reviews mentioned Kele Moon’s “telling but not showing” writing style. I only read the first quarter of the book where the writing turned out absolutely ok for me. I discontinued because Paul, the masochistic hero in this triangle, went one step too far for me.

I have no problem with masochistic BDSM stories, although they are definitely not my favourite. Paul gets turned by being treated like a doormat and by Danny and Eve being angry at him. His psyche is completely twisted thanks to a military father who treated him like shit. I can completely believe that someone is trainable like Pavlov’s dog and can become addicted to and aroused by anger addressed toward him, but I honestly don't want to read about that in a romance novel. Especially not if the persons involved are part of the ménage and not the antagonists.

Maybe I will give this novel another try if I run out of ebooks. At the moment this is a DNF for me.