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This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas Yowza, this book has some serious problems and I am truly astonished its ratings on GR are so high. I am all in favour for a possessive, controlling hero, if he's still a gentleman and knows where the line is drawn, but, unfortunately, I now know what bat shit crazy really means, and not in a positive way.

Mr. Superhero, Jesse Ward, is controlling to the point of ridiculousness and has some serious stalker issues. In real life, I would take out a restraining order against him. He manipulates to the point of whether and when the heroine, Ava O'Shea, is allowed to go to the toilette, controls her with constant telephone calls and impedes her working day, and all in a very un-sexy way.

I like alphas, but usually with a true alpha hero it's about "his" woman's security and well-being, in this case it's just to go on my nerves as no true caring and consideration was shown between Jesse and Ava.

Oh, they do have lots of sex, and it's even well described and steamy in a hot vanilla way, but sex alone does not a loving hero make. And talking about sex here, I really like reading anal sex scenes (it comes with the erotic romance territory) but on the first night, without ANY other preparation than a couple of fingers, no lube, no condom (because we are clean *wink wink*), is neither sexy nor realistic.

To me the most annoying part in the story was the hero's tendency to bark "mouth" at the heroine when she used words like fuck or shit. It's not like Ava has a bad language, but she enjoys using the words in the heat of the moment. And like a mother hen who worries about her daughter's potty mouth, Jesse scolds Ava, but still uses swear words himself. While I don't like books where fuck is part of the vocabulary in every other sentence, I find it realistically done the way Ava used them and Jesse’s reaction just plain stupid. Maybe there’s a reason for that “mouth” issue which is described later on in the book, but I honestly don’t care to find out anymore. F