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Spellbound Falls - Janet Chapman I have a very weak spot when it comes to magic and mythology themed books. I don't care all that much for vampires, shifters and demons, but give me a bit of Greek or Roman mythology combined with wizards and I am a very happy reader.

Spellbound Falls had very great potentials and I really liked the wizzard hero Mac Oceanus. It was more difficult to warm up to the heroine who, in the beginning, had some inclinations of a doormat (although that changes later on) and behaves sillier than a virgin in 19th century England.

Another small issue was the whole "problem" concerning the "Where do we have sex because your child is at your home and my child is at my home? I want to be a responsible parent so my child isn't allowed to see that I have an intimate relationship with a man/woman outside of marriage." Ermm, I am not sure if this is a European/American thingy but just having sex outside of marriage is a far cry from indiscrimante sex and this just reads very very VERY old-fashioned and frankly quite goes on my nerves.

Aside from that Spellbound Falls was a good story, and I still go with a B grade just because I am so happy to have found some mythology magic books :-)