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He Loves Lucy - Susan Donovan He Loves Lucy was my first Susan Donovan novel and turned out to be a real winner. It's the story about Lucy who enters a contest to loose one hundred pounds with the help of Theo, her personal trainer. What sounds really stereotype here turned out to be a sexy, heart-warming and lovable story. I would rate this book only PG-13, but the few love scenes between Theo and Lucy were hotter than many I have come upon in the tons of erotic romances I have read during the last years. I absolutely adored the way how the author made Theo fall in love with the real Lucy. The one with the stretch marks and the funny, lovable character and a strong inner core. He Loves Lucy turned out to be a real comfort read, one I would turn to when I am in the mood for sweet and sexy, funny and adorable, great writing and lovely characters. A-