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Play Dead - Meryl Sawyer This is another book which has been languishing on my TBR pile for about two years now and turned out to be a very satisfying B read for me. I have read nearly all of Maryl Sawyer's backlist, quite enjoying her romantic suspense titles, a genre, I don't favour all that much, usually.

The book's ratings on goodreads is quite low and even though I wouldn't declare it groundbreaking I find Play Dead to be an entertaining, satisfying read with a hero and heroine I enjoyed very much and who had some serious sizzle between them.

I am by no means a specialist in the gadget department, but what I always enjoy in Sawyer's books, is, that she conveys to me a good insight on various industrial sectors such as the publishing industry or, in this case, the mixed martial arts and surfing trade. Checking online I just saw that her site has gone offline recently, I think she maybe has retired from writing.