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Motorcycle Man - Kristen Ashley One thing is for sure, Kristen Ashley and yours truly will never become BFFs. I am convinced later on in the story Tack turns out to be the most amazing, gorgeous hunk in Christendom, but the 21 per cent I have suffered through the story were enough to turn me off him forever. He is a bulldozing, steamrolling, manipulating jerk who doesn't respect the heroine's wishes AT all, repeatedly. And while Tyra is shown as a strong person, she doesn't win one argument with Tack which made me rather dislike her.
What ultimately, however, turned me off Tack was the way he talked about his ex wife in front of his teenaged children. I get it that his ex is a nutjob and plain crazy and maybe even also the devil's spawn. But she is his children's mother. And what I expect at least from him, as he's the hero in the book, is to show the barest minimum of respect for her in FRONT of his children. Calling her a lot of dirty names while his children are present is just not done, even when it’s the truth. DNF.

Damn, I still have Rock Chick in my TBR pile. Why oh why did I buy two more books of KA after discontinuing The Gamble. Grrr.