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Management Skills - January Rowe I really don't know what to think of this book. I honestly enjoyed January Rowe's first publication My One, but this novella just turned out so ... wrong for me.

As far as the sex scenes are concerned I would give this story a solid B, but the dynamics between the dom and the sub ring completely wrong to me. Grant wants to own Allie as a sexual slave after one short impromptu encounter. Allie is, understandably, reluctant to give control over to Grant, especially as she had been burned quite badly in a previous relationship. Grant's reply to this is that he doesn't want a vanilla relationship but desires to own and possess her! WTF? What happened to plain ol' submission without slavery and ownership? What happened to negotiating a sexual relationship and setting boundaries beyond sexual blackmail and deprivation? And I never quite understood what made Allie switch and finally give in to Grant, it certainly wasn't portrayed in the character arc. Nevertheless, I quite liked Grant as a dom up until the very end of the book when he exaggerated his sexual abstinence fetish and startet talking about orgasm control and restricting Allie's climaxes. .... noooot sexy, sorry.