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Reaching the Edge - L.M. Somerton Ermm, it seems my luck has run out, because Reaching the Edge is another m/m novel I didn't finish. For me, in an erotic romance novel everything is about chemistry, otherwise I find the sex scenes boring and gratuitous.

Olly, the submissive, goes to a famous London underground BDSM/gay club to look for a new master, after having been brutally raped in a hostage situation. In addition to this incicent, he also has to deal with serious trust issues and mental wounds inflicted by his previous sadist of a master, a cold-blooded egocentric surgeon.

I liked the premises of Reaching the Edge, being a sucker for this kind of plot that basically is all about the healing power of love. My problem with the situation was, that Olly willingly and without real doubts and fears submits to Master Jo, after having him seen for less than an hour and without serious negotiations.

I also might be old-fashioned, but I do like my characters to kiss before they start playing seriously, but especially BEFORE they start talking about a long term relationship and BEFORE the dom knows he has fallen in love with the sub.

There are few romance tropes I love more than a love at first sight story, if, and that's a big if, the author can really sell it to me. I go all mushy reading about the chemistry and sizzle between a couple, the angst and rollercoaster ride, but just sex and a pair of cuffs and other paraphernalia does not make me belive in kismet.

I discontinued the story after reading that Joe has fallen in love with Olly which is nice, but there was nothing previously in the story, besides sex, that warranted those feelings. Sorry, that's a DNF for me.