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The Accidental Sub - Mina Dorian I discontinued this book because so much about it rubbed me the wrong way that I couldn't be bothered to finish it. Catherine has been on the run from her abusive former dom for quite some while, so I, as a reader, would assume that she is rather reluctant to start a sexual relationship with a stranger, no? Wrong! Catherine follows Jon, the dom, without negotiating rules or boundaries, without her knowing him at all, without installing and informating a secuirty and back-up person, without, pardon my sayin so, using her brain at all. I understand that she craves the sex and domination, but after having been treated like shit from her ex, wouldn't it be more realistic for her to act, well, more prudent? As to Jon. What dom worth his salt and self respect steamrolls a sub into a sexual encounter without, sorry for repeating myself, clearing and setting the boundaries, trying to get to know the woman before initialising a scene? Sorry, this is a clear DNF for me.