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Damaged Goods - Lainey Reese Lately, it seems, I am having zero tolerance when it comes to m/f books. There was a time when I felt really guilty for not finishing a book, I dare say I have overcome that habit, as there are simply too many interesting books out there, and too little reading time.

I was in the mood for some m/f pairing, a nice macho and protective alpha hero and hot sex scenes. Well, I did get some of that, but also an approach to BDSM that felt like a, sorry to say, bad carbon copy of Cherise Sinclair's books... needless to say this lady knows how to write in that genre.

I read about forty percent of the story, but I should have discontinud after the second chapter, after reading an interlude between the woman and her two men who featured in the first installment of the series. Now, I know I might betimes be a little narrow-minded when it comes to BDSM, though I do like to broaden my horizon. But erotic asphyxiation is just something I don't particularly find, well, erotic. It doesn't even rate very high on my kinkometer, but the thought of playing around with something so vital to my life AND knowing the serious damage it can cause, takes out everything sensual and sexy of this particular practice. There might be something sexy about a dom learning how to whip or cane properly without breaking skin, there's nothing erotic in a top learning how to erotically (and not permanently damage) a willing participant. Shudder. DNF [As an aside it needs to be mentioned that the erotic asphyxiation scene shown in this book, at least as far as I’ve read, is quite tame, but just the imagination of more to come grossed me out.]