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Feeling Hot - Elle Kennedy I picked Feeling Hot up because Elle Kennedy gets a lot of high graded reviews over at Dear Author, and I always enjoy a good character driven contemporary without a suspense plot.

I tend to be reluctant where SEAL or military romances are concerned, as I imagine that a relationship where one partner is away every other year for several months and more or less constantly on call, might prove to be difficult, especially if the rearing of children is involved. However, Ms. Kennedy must really be given credit for how she dealt with that particular subject, there was definitely no sugarcoating in the novel.

Because of this I was quite reluctant to enjoy the novel but it couldn't be helped, I did so nevertheless, albeit a bit reluctantly LOL. In my estimation Feeling Hot needs to be approached with the right mind set. It's quite fluffy, but every now and then I do like me some cotton candy and fluff and for that I will keep this author in mind. B