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Lip Lock - Em Petrova Oy, another book that rubbed me the wrong way. Brant Foxfire is an orthodontist and closet dom. He wants to dominate a woman in the bedroom but is basically ashamed of his desires, largely due to a bad experience several years prior. He is so in war with his dominant desires that he bottled them up, also because he's afraid of being socially ostracised if his inclinations became known.

Ermm, I can't help myself but I don't find this particularly sexy. The point of reading a BDSM novel is to have a hero who feels secure in his sexuality. However is he to help a submissive find the strength to discover her desires when he can't face up to them himself?
Brant is more or less a bulldozer during the story, manipulating the heroine in having sex with him, going out with him, etc... He has possessive obsessive tendencies, but fortunately he stays on this side of normal, and there were even a few moments in the story when his attitude was kind of sexy. Oh, and for all his guilt concerning his kinky fantasies, they turn out to be rather tame. A bit of spanking and paddling and a pair of hijacked panties to cuff the heroine.

The heroine was another matter. She's a single mom of a fifteen year old boy and still hung up over her ex-husband who all but destroyed her trust and doesn't pay child support money. I take it that her ex-husband is a mean bastard and certainly didn't do right, but I couldn't help myself starting to roll my eyes when, for the umpteenth time, she started whining about this scumbag. She doesn't appear very mature at times. A C-.