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Junk - Josephine Myles I must confess I had some serious difficulties getting into the story and connecting with the characters. It definitely should be mentioned that Junk doesn't feature typical romance heroes, one still living with his parents at the age of thirty, the other one being a compulsive hoarder.

I know little about this affliction outside of a few documentaries and I have to confess, they usually grossed me out. The houses shown tended to be messy, dirty, neglected and sometimes downright disgusting.

Thankfully, in this case here, the affected hero, Jasper, wasn't a repulsive person which I was very grateful for. He washes and wears clean clothes, but, unfortunately, is also a bit of a nutcase, as he started hoarding books and newspapers to preserve the information in case of an alien invasion or world collapse. And here's where my problem with this book started. (It is important to mention that his hoarding compulsion also might be connected with the early demise of his mother as he hasn't yet come to terms with her death)

I read romances to get away from my daily routine, to feel good, to be challenged, but ultimately to connect with the MCs and to be drawn into a different world. And while I found Jasper to be really cute, I definitely didn't find him overly sexy ... but that's a very personal opinion.

There are some really funny parts in the story which appeared all the more so due to Ms Myles writing talent and British voice. The other hero's, Lewis's, parents are hilarious. I had to laugh several times when they featured in a scene. For me, they were the best part in the story with their chilli addiction and nude fetish. Fantastic!

Ultimately, I grade this book a C-, because I couldn't connect with the heroes, though it needs to be mentioned that to me, as a layman, the subject was well researched and integrated in the story.