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Acrobat - Mary Calmes So far I have read four Mary Calmes books. Two of them I didn't get into at all and rated a D, two I loved loved loved and couldn't get enough of. Acrobat belongs to the latter category and was such a memorable read that I will definitely re-read it one day.

What I adored in the story was the author giving me time to grow accustomed to the heroes, to like them to get to know and feel for them before the first love scenes. So often nowadays the main protagonists start the boinking right away in chapter two or three. I don't mind that, heck, I am an erotic romance junkie, but I just love it when I can really connect with the characters beforehand.

In the case of this book I was totally beamed away by the hotness of the sex scenes. It has been a long long time since I perceived a first time together as hot as Nathan and Dreo’s experience in this book. Instead of wishing for less sex and more plot scenes, this time I could have done with a third love scene.

However, unfortunately there was a hair in the soup. With Acrobat I had the same problem as with Frog. All in all they are great novels, I even enjoyed this one more than Frog, but the ending is so over the top that I can't go with a straight A. Nathan, Dreo and Dreo's sixteen year old nephew (his ward) moving together after a few weeks of "relationship" is, in my humble opinion, way too early and zapped right out the happy gloom from me. That’s an ending which is too kitschy and sugary and - for my European mind - too American. A-