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Mine - Mary Calmes Hmmm, I am not quite sure how to properly write down my opinion of this book. First of all, this is my second Mary Calmes, and I liked the first one, Frog, immensely. Mine is about a very special kind of gay relationship, featuring BDSM elements, and the story of two men who are strongly dependent on each other, up to the point of obsessiveness. Actually, I did quite enjoy the relationship part of the story, showing how Trevan, the top, deals with Landry's rather overwhelming fixation on him. I wouldn't say it's a healthy relationship, but in its own way, it makes sense. What I found excessively boring was the "plot" part about Trevan's job as a runner and its potential danger. Frankly, I skipped those scenes, as the whole betting and gaming scene is, to my eyes at least, very dull.

If there's ever been a sub who needs hardcore domination it's Landry. He's actually the person who I could very well imagine in a 24/7 slave relationship. And funnily, usually, I tend to avoid BDSM novels touching that particular fetish, but where Mine was concerned, I would have wished for stronger D/s elements, especially a dom who, by using sex, can help Landry to come into his own.