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Sidecar - Amy Lane Sidecar was my first and definitely not last Amy Lane book. It's probably one of the sweetest gay romances I've ever read, but without the cookie-cutter kitsch undertone I don't really care for. I usually grade books by my enjoyment factor, additionally, I tend to categorise them into comfort, guilty pleasure, hottest sex scenes reads (... to be continued endlessly) and this one is definitely part of the first one. Everything in Sidecar is about comfort and the good in people, about taking chances in life and trying for the best. Thank you, Amy Lane, this is a straight A for me!

(LOL, I am contemplating installing an additional "historical" shelf named 1980s. The story starts in 1987 and boy did I enjoy the feeling of that era. About the only things missing were glitter and shoulder pads *g*)