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Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt Ok, here's what I liked about the story (which is quite a bit).

L.A. Witt's writing style. Out of Focus was my first book by this author and it won't be the last. The author's writing style, usually, tends to be my first big hurdle. I can't count the number of books I didn't finish because I couldn't grasp the writer's voice (Ally Blue for example).

Both dom's were perfect gentlemen which really was a nice treat. There was no name calling such as "cocksucker, slut or whore", no sexual humiliation, no sir or master calling and no domination outside the bedroom. They both knew how to well establish their mastery, but wihtout a lot of big tools and devices. Nice!

Jordan was my kind of submissive. He wasn't apologetic that he wanted to try out this lifestyle, he didn't make excuses, he wasn't ashamed of himself, but absolutely sexually blossomed under the domination of Ryan and Dante. This might maybe be the reason why, at the moment, I prefer gay BDSM novels to heterosexuals. I love D/s stories where the submissive is new to the lifestyle and not a seasoned player, but I barely can stand it when they start going all insecure.

I tend to avoid menages as they never seem quite believable to me, but I am on a "trying out" spree here, and I am glad this one worked out for me. The ending is realistic and not too kitsch, the heroes are aware of possible difficulties and deal very maturely with the constellation problem without glossing the whole subject over by throwing in some sexual diversion. Jordan is endangered to be the odd man out as Ryan and Dante have been together for over a decade, and I really was relieved to see, that they didn't try to convince him sexually to join their relationship full time.

I also had a few hang ups, but they are minor or I wouldn't go with an A- grade.

Dante and Ryan have been in a relationship for close to thirteen years and still use condoms when they are together? They said they weren't in a totally exclusive relationship but why not go bareback together and use a condom when having a sexual fling outside the relationship? I may be wrong, but in my estimation most would choose the bareback option to the latex. And they didn't appear to not trust each other, on the contrary.

I love reading oral sex scenes, there are some very sexy ones out there. Well, without enjoying them I probably would have stopped reading erotic romances a long time ago. I don't keep tabs on how often a character is on the receiving or giving end, that's, IMO, the wrong way to approach oral sex. However, in this story I had the impression that Jordan was 90% on the giving and 10% on the receiving end and that seemed a bit too imbalanced for me.

All in all I go for an A- with this story which was a highly recommendable and satisfying read for me!