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Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan I have to thank Christy for discovering this author and novel, and I am very grateful to her and her recommendation, especially, as our tastes are not always on the same plate *g*.

The first time I learned that there's something like pony play out there in the big world of BDSM was when I read Michèle de Lully's La Queue de Cheval which is an A grade novel for me, containing everything from great writing to hot hot hot sex scenes. Unfortunately, I went online afterwards and saw this fetish wear in real and discovered that imagining some things in your head and seeing them on the internet isn't always the same shade of sexy.

There is some pony play in this novel, personally I wouldn't rate it hard core, which I found highly erotic and sexy as hell, because it just "belonged" to both heroes, turning them into the men I have come to deeply appreciate and love during reading the story. BUT: I was a good girl and didn't go online to research the described scene.

Roe Davis and Travis Loving enjoy their sex rough and raunchy, dirty and dark. Roe isn't ashamed of his desires to be slutty, to submit to primitive demands and basically be made into a sex toy for Travis's pleasure. Ultimately, it was Roe's personality that made those nearly violent love scenes work for me. He has some serious issues with his family for being gay, and there's little self-worth in him as he thinks himself to be less valuable than others, but he is never ashamed of craving and desiring this kind of sex. He doesn't make excuses and he's clear about his needs from the beginning, and that's why these sometimes brutal acts between Roe and Travis (though, not as brutal than a lot of stuff that is out there) are so beautiful and all about deep love.

There is no formal Dom/sub play between Roe and Travis, no training, no positions to learn, just basic fucking and a deep connection and understanding for each other and their respective needs. (Personally, I prefer those D/s books as I tend to get bored by too much training, position-learning scenes)

If there's an ideal gay couple out there for me, I probably would declare it to be Roe and Travis. The way they heal each other's wounds and fall in love with one another, the way Travis makes Roe understand his own value and lovableness is so wonderfully described that it will forever be in ingrained in my memories. Reading about their budding love and "being held captive by my Kindle", made me remember why my first and true love when it comes to books are romance novels. No matter how many bad books I've read in this genre, they are worth it to discover a true gem.

Last but not least it should be mentioned that fisting is a huge turn on for Travis and Roe and they "prepare" for the big day a lot, and let me tell you, it is sexy as hell (I know, I start repeating myself, but I am running out of words LOL). This is only the second book I have come upon featuring this practice and I enjoyed it even more than the first time around, and I really love Laney Cairo's Bad Case of Loving You.
And, I am a good girl, I won't look for imagines online, as porn can't really compare with love, and for Roe being fisted by Travis is like finally coming home and finding his inner core.

My only quibbles with this book is the ending where Roe and Travis adopt the baby of a good friend of them. A child is such a huge shift in a partnership, and they make this decision on the spure of the moment. The epilogue is good and necessary to show that they have adapted well, but it wasn't enough for me. That's why I go with an A- for this book.