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Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow Note to self: do write review no longer than 24 hours after having finished the book, otherwise important remakrs will start to vaporise.

Hard Tail was my first JL Merrow and definitely not my last. It is a very slow paced romance about a guy's coming out at the age of 28 after a failed marriage. I had a few hang-ups with the story such as that it was definitely to long in the middle, too many words, too little plot. And the whole abuse issue didn't feel quite right either. For me, someone who's violently abused at home doesn't really appear authentic by always being chipper and friendly. I also didn't quite get the coming out part, as it seemed to me that the closeted hero in the beginning of the story didn't know about his homosexuality and way into the book started thinking about his gay fantasies during his younger years.

Anyway, all in all I really appreciated the humorous undertone of the book. Not too cute or overzealous, but quite subtle and full of original twists and turns. And the two heroes were a well-rounded couple and really grew on me.

My grade: B-