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Bound by Danger - S.E. Jakes Ok, life's too short for a romance novel you can't get into, so I decided to discontinue reading Bound By Danger by SE Jakes. Another gay romance author, by the way, who has two initials instead of a forename.

Here's what I didn't like and what prevented me from continuing reading. I know it's never a good idea to just pick a book out of a series, instead of reading it from first to last installment, but this plot just appealed the most to me. The characters were all new to me, and although I understood rationally what was happening in the story, all this gang and SEAL and CIA stuff was just so boring, my mind kept drifting away.

Probably my biggest turn off were the endearments Clint "Tomcat" uses to sweet talk Jace. "My sweet little virgin" and "my baby boy" just doesn't sound sexy to my ears, especially when the "virgin in question" is a bad boy SEAL. Sorry.

I stopped reading at the point where the submissive hero discovers that he has been sexually dominated by his lover without him revealing beforehand that he's a seasoned dom. Somehow the whole trust issue was ruined before the romance really took off. Additionally, I just didn't grow accustomed to SE Jakes voice, catching myself rereading several passages again and again to get the gist of what's happening.

This one is a DNF for me.