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An Ordinary Girl - Barbara Elsborg I rarely read Ellora's Cave titles nowadays, as I find their pricing outrageous, having been burned too often by average and bad books published by them in the past. But thanks to Goodreads my attention was drawn to Barbara Elsborg who turned out to be a lovely new discovery.

An Ordinary Girl is everything but ordinary, but the deeply emotional vanilla story of two scarred people who help each other to heal. I often tend to get bored where super long stories (100 k+) are concerned, but not so in this case. Everything that happens and goes on in this book was captivating, drew me in and kept me reading way longer than intended.

My only fly in the ointment is that I wished for a separate book for Ronan, Ash's best friend in the story. He's a dominant, a sadist (characters I usually avoid despite enjoying the BDSM genre in general), portrayed in such a special, loving and caring yet sexy way that I feel he has earned his own book and not that quick downsized happy end he gets in this book. B+