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Savage Rhythm - Chloe Cox My first Chloe Cox turned out to be a nice, entertaining read, though not as satisfying as I had hoped for, initially. I usually don't read movie/rock star romances, as I personally find those professions and the hype they are surrounded by not very attractive. But I have rarely been able to resists a 99c offer, especially by an author I have wanted to try out for quite some time *g*.

As it turned out, I didn't mind the hero being a singer, he was still normal concerning most parts and quite a sexy dom, even though there are no real BDSM scenes in the novel if you ignore a set of handcuffs.

My quibbles lie more with the plot itself when the heroine is hired by the world famous band Savage Heat to write a story about their brake up with their lead guitarist. Would you hire Miss No Name with no credentials (at least they are never mentioned) from a trailer park? I mean, I get the Cinderella trope but I found it very unbelievable and had to suppress some eye rolling. And I could have done without the heroine's sister getting pregnant in the ending and the hero immediately setting up a trust fund, appearing like a knight in shining armour to rescue two damsels in distress. That was a little de trop. C-