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Inescapable - Saskia Walker Sometimes I continue reading a bad book because the sex scenes are scorchingly hot, and sometimes a book is just bad and I keep on going out of loalty to my purse, even though the ebook only cost 75 cents. Needless to say, I don't always undestand myself *g*.

I have read a couple of Saskia Walker's book in my past and truly enjoyed them, but I can easily say that Inescapable will be one of my worst reads this month.

The whole witness protection program thing felt wrong to me. I am no cop but having read my fair share of romantic suspense titles, I know when I am fooled with too little research. And I simply couldn't get Seth, who as the cop, bears the responsibility for the whole operation, but has nothing better to do than bring Lily to orgasm the first day they meet in a professional surrounding. The dynamics between Lily, Adrian and Seth feel totally off kilter, unbelievable and despite the three of them having several rounds of sex I felt oddly detached from the scenes. F