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The Current Between Us

The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander Wow, my first and definitely not my last Kindle Alexander story. This romance was seriously hot, as in melting my girl parts while the heroes slowly find together. I loved loved loved the romance part in the story. It's very sweet at times, with old-fashioned courting, hot, sexy and steamy, raunchy and desperate, touching and vulnerable. Great writing and character development.

I bought this story on recommendation, otherwise I probably would have never read it as it features a hero who adopted his sister's two children after her death and now is essentially a single gay parent. I rarely read romance novels (m/f and m/m) featuring children, that's just a personal preference, but I am glad I made an exception.

My problem lies with the action part of the story which I won't go further into due to spoiler alarm. However, what I need to mention is that while the ending is definitely satisfying and promising, there still remains some minor threat to certain characters and that certain flavour of angst I could do without at the end of a book. A-