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Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1)

Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1) - A.J.  Rose My first five stars read this year. I was a bit reluctant to start the story because of the torture scene I knew would be a prominent part in the book. In the end I skipped that one, I just can’t stomach them anymore after too many Karen Rose titles, but the rest was great and very captivating to read. I go with an A- because I do nevertheless have a few quibbles.

Gavin, the I-narrator, discovers how his wife Victoria cheats on him with his detective partner. As far as I could garner, after that scene they never talk again. She doesn't call, they don't have a clearing talk or try to make peace. Sure, she cheated on him but he successfully pretended to be a heterosexual man for the whole of their relationship. A good and mature conclusion to this relationship would have been greatly appreciated.

While I do enjoy BDSM themed books very much, not all genre books are the same or feature the same kinks. I was very glad that this story didn’t feature any SM play, but they were actively talking about acquiring a suit for sensory deprivation play, including a mask, and that stuff just isn’t my cup of tea. But to each reader his or her own cup, n’est pas? *g*

There is a satisfying ending to the story but I am glad I have the second book of Gavin and Ben's story to look forward to because they clearly need more time to heal and explore their love, something the epilogue couldn’t completely provide of course. A-