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Special Delivery

Special Delivery  - Heidi Cullinan I loved this book right from the beginning. Leave it to Cullinan to sell me a tricky aspect of BDSM, namely to write about a hero who’s into being a dirty slut but simultaneously also desires to be treated in a cherished and well-respected way. And to pull it off!! Usually, those kind of kinky desires tend to give me a sub and dom I don’t like and care for, or too much corniness as the author attempts to pull this trope off in a too politically correct way.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the story, Randy, an old friend with benefits acquaintance from the dom, Mitch, joins the game and somehow the whole story went south from there.

I didn't mind the experimenting and ménage stuff (or I wouldn't read the book to begin with), but I couldn't stand Randy's tricky and devious nature, or better said how Mitch did not protect Sam from him. Later on Randy turns out ok, but somehow I wasn't able to be sucked into the story's grove anymore. It has lost its mojo completely which is a real shame because the beginning was outstanding. C-