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The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly Back in the early days of erotic romance as we know it today, in 2003, Emma Holly was the grand lady of this genre for me. A lot of authors were still trying to find their style and heroines often used to be shown as sexually insecure or true sluts. I loved most of Emma Holly's Black Lace titles and tried out a number of other authors in this line, but Emma Holly remained the only keeper author.

What I truly appreciated in this book was the self-confident heroine and the way the characters interacted with each other. Emma Holly's heroines are allowed to be sexually confident and to feel secure and desirable in their bodies, without having to extol on their previous conquests. They remain ladies, have truly heart-warming and lovely personalities and are nevertheless allowed to show insecurities.

I also liked very much that the two men who have been an item for over a decade when the story starts, aren't shown as inseparable entity. Each one of their own has insecurities and problems and tries to come to terms with the concept of a menage. It is shown that there's not only pleasure to a threesome but also a shift in dynamics, and Emma Holly did a good job of bringing those elements to life. B.