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Blind Faith

Blind Faith - N.R. Walker Initially, I was going with a B for this book, because everything felt simply all right about it. I enjoyed the "guy with guide dog meets sexy veterinarian" plot. The whole set up of this book felt right from the start simply comforting to me and promised a cosy short read.

Isaac, the blind hero, is very reluctant to open up to his guide dog Barry, being afraid of attaching himself again to someone after too many losses in his life. The same accident which is responsible for the loss of his sight when he was eight also killed his mother. His father, not being able to cope with the family tragedy, drunk himself to death and a short while ago he even lost his old guide dog Rosie. The only close person in his life is his sister Hannah who takes care of his daily needs.

I get it that Isaac is vulnerable and has difficulties to open himself up to his environment, even to his guide dog, but that does not excuse his childish behaviour. When I was 70 or 80% into the story, he showed a completely new side of himself, making me grind my teeth and wanting to slap him.

Ultimately, the other characters, Isaac's sister Hannah, Carter, the I-narrator and Barry the guide dog saved the story from failing completely, so I go with a C-.